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TRIVIA - You are driving on a clear night. There is a steady stream of oncoming traffic. The national speed limit applies. Which lights should you use?
TRIVIA - You are at the front of a queue of traffic waiting to turn right into a side road. Why is it important to check your right mirror just before turning?

What' a Driving School?

To most people, this is just such an obvious question. In general, a driving school is one person or it can be a group of people who have come together - most importantly, they will all be fully qualified to give paid instruction and must have been given this right by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency by being placed on a register. When a driving school's owned by just one person, and that person works independently from anyone else, then this is called a sole-trader and they own their own business.

In other situations, when there's are a group of driving instructors then in common terms is generally is generally called a franchise and each driving instructor will be franchised to the business owner. Similar to RED driving school or the AA.

A driving instructor who's on a franchisee will pay the franchisor such as RED or the AA a fee for the use of their business name, their business logo, and the franchisor will in general give a supply of clients to the franchisee, all for a set fee.

Driving schools that offer driving lessons in Leicester can be of all sizes. For example, it could just be one single driving school car out on the road and one driving instructor or it could be as I've already mentioned above, a national company such as Red who franchise their service out locally. Then there are variations of this where there is a team of local driving instructors covering a town or maybe a county. In general, you will probably see more advertising from national companies such as Red. One of the reasosn for this is because it can be expensive to advertise and some of the single schools can't afford to advertise. Or perhaps they don't need to because their overheads aren't as big.

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Generally all driving schools can offer you the same services as each other, such as driving lessons, refresher lessons, pass plus, motorway lessons and intensive courses. Some driving schools can also offer you FREE Theory training too and some schools also have resources that you can use such as Apps's, DVD's or even books. When you make an enquiry for driving lessons to a driving school, it could be worth your while enquiring what resources they use or loan you that could help you with learning to drive and the theory side of things too.

Alex at Hexagram Driving School is a brilliant driving instructor, he's very approachable and friendly, has tons of patients and is very very reliable. Through various customer feedback, it's been mentioned in some circles that he's one of the best driving schools in Leicester and he has great customer reviews to support this this statement. If you're looking to take driving lessons in Leicester and surrounding areas then get in touch to see when you can start. You can also find on this website information about how driving instructors go about delivering driving lessons and just exactly what is a driving instructor.