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TRIVIA - You are driving on a clear night. There is a steady stream of oncoming traffic. The national speed limit applies. Which lights should you use?
TRIVIA - You are at the front of a queue of traffic waiting to turn right into a side road. Why is it important to check your right mirror just before turning?

Do I cover Your Area?

Have a look at the "Driving Schools Near Me" postcode section below and see if I cover your area? If there's an area near you that you're unsure about as to whether or not I cover then just simply get in touch with me and ask. As Leicester is quite a big area, I do aim to cover our as much of Leicester as possible so hopefully you can learn to drive me.

Driving Schools Near Me - Postcode Coverage.
I cover the following postcodes LE1 LE2 LE3 LE4 LE5 LE6 LE7 LE8 LE9 LE10 LE11 LE12 LE13 LE14 LE15 LE16 LE17 LE18 LE19 LE21 LE41 LE55 LE65 LE67 LE87 LE94 LE95 & LE99

Where will I take my driving test?
The closest driving test centre is located in Leicester at this address:

    DVSA Driving Test Centre Leicester
    Saffron House
    1 Tigers Rd
    LE18 4UY

DVSA driving test enquiries and booking support:

    Telephone: 0300 200 1122 (English)
    Telephone: 0300 200 1133 (Welsh)
    Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

Which car do I use for my driving test? Normally, you would use your driving instructors car for your driving test. After all, this is the car that you've been taking your driving lessons in so it makes sense to do this. However, if you've been taking your driving lessons in your own car, then you can use your own car for your driving test if you wish. I can advise you on this. If you do use your own car fro your driving test, then you must display L Plates to the front and rear of your vehicle and you must also have an interior mirror for the Driving Examniner to use. It goes without saying that your car must meet all of the legal requirements and have the correct level of insurance if you are using your own car for your driving test.

How long does the test last? The test lasts approximately 40 minutes and will start and finish at the test centre. You are allowed to take mer with you on your driving test. The driving examiner will usually ask you this question at the beginning of your test. If you decide to take your driving instructor with you, they will sit in the back and are not allowed to help you in anyway. If they do, then the driving examiner could stop the test and this will be deemed as an automatic fail. It's not compulsory to have your driving instructor sat in the back on your driving test, this is your choice. At the end of your driving test, the driving examiner will ask you if you want your driving instructor or accompanying driver to listen to the debrief at the end of your test. Again, this is you choice and you can say yes or no. On most occassions, it's beneficial to have your driving instructor to listen into the debrief because they can then listen to the feedback you'll receive from the driving examiner and give you any guidance after your test has finished.

You can use these following links to book either your practical driving test or you theory and hazard perception test:
Theory and Hazard Perception online booking:
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Theory and Hazard Perception online booking:
Book your driving test here

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