The Theory Test

TRIVIA - The middle lane on a three lane motorway is used for what?
TRIVIA - You have been driving in thick fog which has now cleared. You must switch OFF your rear fog lights because.

Theory Training | Leicester

Before you can take or even apply for your driving test, all provisional license holders need to take and pass the Theory and Hazard Perception test. You can take your theory test from the day of your 17th Birthday. You must pass both parts to pass. The first test is the theory test which is all multiple choice, and the second part is the hazard perception test where you will see 14 video clips with each clip containing a hazard (one clip has two hazards). You must click on the screen when you think you see the hazard developing. Please watch both of the videos on this page to find out more about your theory test.

With Hexagram Driving School, you will receive practical lessons which will put your theory knowledge and hazard perception skills to practise. Hexagram Driving School will give you lots of support about your theory test whilst you are taking your driving lessons. There are lots of books and apps on the market, here are a few books and apps which we recommend.

  • The Highway Code
  • Know Your Traffic Signs
  • Driving - The Essential Skills
  • The Official Theory Test Kit (app)
  • Driving Test Success (app)
  • iTheory (app)

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Hazard Perception | Leicester

To find out exactly how the hazard perception test takes place and what's involved, please watch the hazard perception video on this page. Alternatevly, here is some information which you should know. Before you take the hazard perception test, you will shown a short video about how it works. You will then be played 14 video clips. The clips feature everyday road scenes and in each clip there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips contain two developing hazards. It's your job to click on the screen when you think you see the hazard developing. You score higher points (5) for spotting and clicking when the hazard starts to happen. The later you see the hazard then the lower score you will get.

What is a Hazard? - A hazard is something that would involve you take action, like changing speed or direction. As an example, A car is parked at the side of the road and isn’t doing anything. It wouldn’t cause you to take action, so it’s not a developing hazard. When you get closer, the car’s right-hand indicator starts to flash and it starts to move away. You’d need to slow down, so it’s now a developing hazard.

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Tom Collings - Anstey, Leicester “Great driving instructor, very relaxing and makes you feel confident on the road, and always tries to fit you in his schedule. Would definitely recommend. If you're looking for a great driving instructor in Leicester then you've got to get in touch with Alex. His is definitely the best.
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ISAM Hassam - Leicester Thank you Alex for helping me to get thropugh my driving test. You are such a great driving instructor and I will definetly recommend you to people in Leicester who are looking for driving lessons. If you wasn't my instructor then I'm not too sure how long it would have taken me to pass my driving test.
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Kimberley Smith - Leicester Wow Wow Wow - what can I say except thank you very much Alex for teaching me and helping me to pass my driving test. I'm soooo glad that out all of the driving instructors in Leicester, I found you. You made my driving lessons fun and interesting. 100% recommend you to everybody I know in Leicester.
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Rose Owen - Leicester I was nervous about learning to drive. I thought I'd be rubbish at it. I've had a few instructors before but Alex made me feel confident immediately. So much better than the other instructors. If anyone is looking to take driving lessons in Braudstone, then I would 100% recommend Hexagram Driving School.

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