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TRIVIA - You get a puncture whilst travelling on the motorway, what should you do?.
TRIVIA - You're in collision with another moving vehicle. Someone is injured and your vehicle is damaged. What information should you find out?

Pricing Table | Driving Lessons in Leicester

Like anything these days, learning to drive is not cheap. However, by using our tailored training packages effectively, designed to suit all your needs as an individual and by using our time together efficiently, you can be guaranteed to get the most out of every lesson and get that all important value for your money. I don't do silly deals like 10 lessons for £99 and you won't be parked up at the kerb side for very long either, I like to get on with things so that you get the most out of each and every lesson.

If you're looking for Gift Vouchers to give to a friend or relative then please let me know and I can post out or email a gift voucher to you. My Gift Vouchers come in either: single, 10 or 20 hour vouchers."


  • Basic

    £ 24 1 hour
    • Per Lesson
    • Pay as you go
    • Competitive rates
    • Client centred learning
  • Premier

    £ 450 20 hrs
    • Pre pay for 20 hours
    • £30 Discount with this option
    • Payable in advance or on the day
    • Book as a gift or present

Gift Vouchers Available

Discounts For Block Bookings

Professional Driving School in Leicester

Skills for Life

Hexagram Driving School is the No1 driving school in Leicester. We use the best teaching and coaching methods that work for you.

Driving Lessons

With Hexagram Driving School, we can tailor your driving lessons around your college or work or personal schedule.

Theory Practice

As well as learning to drive, we will give you all the theory knowledge too which will enable you to be a safe and confident driver.


Hexagram Driving School have instructors in the Leicester area. We also cover the nearby and surrounding towns.

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Driving Test Fees

Before you can take your driving test, you first have to take and pass your Theory and Hazard Perception test. Your driving lessons do not include fees for either your driving or theory test. You are responsible for paying for these. Please click here to find out the prices for both the Theory and Driving test.

More information about studying and passing for your theory can be found here or for information about yor driving test please click here.

What you want to try and avoid is completing your intensive course and then waiting for 6 weeks for your driving test to come around or for you to still take and pass your theory test. Please contact me if you have any questions on the best way to plan your driving lessons.